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it's late

- by admin

you don't want to hear me bitch about the headache I've had all day

or the 4.5hrs I spent on campus glued to a chair in the library working on my History of Science paper

the fact that my class went to see some MLA's debate on poverty in my province and Gord Mackintosh talked in circles and let the NDP down (sorry guy)

or that the data that I pay 30$/mth for decided to DIE COMPLETELY during the debate which meant I couldn't tweet my oh-so-interesting thoughts about it

and you know, seriously, Rogers, why has your service been so awful lately? my texts don't go through, my data cuts out constantly or is so slow there's no point in using it... maybe I should think about calling you and getting my bill adjusted because this is seriously a bunch of bovine stercus

but this isn't a post about that, either because you don't want to hear me bitch at length about the awful reception, dropped call, and data that barely works at the best of times.

or maybe it is, because I can't seem to stop typing about how annoyed I am with their service lately.

sorry guys, better luck tomorrow.

here's a cool video of some art to make up for it:


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