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MEME released a new promo vid today

- by admin

and though you guys all know I'm the social media coordinator for one of the best festivals on the Prairies

and though I try not to brag (too much) about how great MEME really is

I needed to share our brand-spakin' new promo vid with you guys, because watching it gets me so excited for this coming summer

we're got some great acts booked, like
John Tejada
Adham Shaikh
Pablo Bolivar

and possibly the coolest venue in town, the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

and yes, yes, I know it's the middle of January and June seems like a million miles away, but there's nothing like anticipating all the fun you'll be having over the summer to warm your spirit, right?

I'm going a bit crazy right now thinking about how insane things are going to be once we shift into full-on Festivel Prep Mode. Omg.

seriously guys, this year's MEME is going to be ridiculous.

ps: make sure to follow us at @memefestival also ;)

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