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Innocean and Hyundai's "Pipe Dream" commercial is getting a lot of hate

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Which I understand. We shouldn't make light of suicide, or attempted suicide, and I'm sure the ad has pushed a lot of buttons.


The point of an ad is to get people talking and sharing, which is what's happening.

Why are we okay with ads that sexualize eating burgers and plays into racial stereotypes, but can't make light of suicide?

Why is that off bounds while other topics are free game?

I've love to hear your thoughts.

forget everything you saw yesterday

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this is the best 2013 april fool's video.

adam's apples

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is this weird Danish black comedy that we watched saturday after a friday night of bowling and beers and a random trip to to shawarma time for breakfast/lunch (brunch?) for food before heading home.

it stars Ulrich Thomsen who is one of my favourite actors and a big deal in Denmark from what I understand. he's in other Danish movies such as Fear Me Not as well as In A Better World, both of which are super creepy kinda disturbing flicks that I liked a lot. watch 'em if you have time.

anyway this movie was pretty different from the two I just mentioned in that, as I said, it's a black comedy.

it also has Mads Mikkelsen who you'll probably recognize as having played Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. except in this movie he plays a weird priest who wears shorts and sandals (birkenstocks?) and has knobbly knees and is thinner than I remember him in james bond.

the movie is about a neo-nazi who goes to live at a church as part of his community service and meets the weird priest and two other dudes living at the church: an Arab who holds up gas stations and an obese, alcoholic, kleptomaniac rapist which is just about as weird and hilarious and crazy as it seems.

the weirdest and also saddest part is that the priest himself is pretty messed up in the head and sort of blindly lives his life in this dream world where nothing is ever wrong, so he makes excuses for all the bad things people do and sort of exists in this other world, almost.

he tells Adam the neo-nazi that before he can go he must set a goal for himself and complete it.

so the neo nazi's goal is to bake a pie with the apples from the apple tree growing near the church. which of course doesn't go so well.

what makes it good is it has all these strange jokes and nuances that you don't get in western films. I don't know how to explain it, but it's funny and good and sad in a different way that an American or even a Canadian movie would be. if you watch a lot of foreign films you know what I mean.

sometimes you need to watch a kinda-sad movie to feel good and this is one of those. I won't ruin the ending for you (it's good) but I'll say that I wasn't ever actually sure how it was going to end until it did, and then the ending that it had seemed the most obvious all along.

it was good like that.

that's it, if I ever have kids

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they aren't allowed on the internet.

this makes me really excited for Game of Thrones

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is that weird?

I should confess

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I love sesame street.

a lot of the stuff kids watch these days is crap

plain & simple

but sesame street will always be great

because it manages to still be fun and innovative

clever and cute.

and while it still appeals to kids everywhere

there are moments like these

(and some others that I love)

that are totally for grownups.

here's your friday morning badass

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stuff like this makes my life.

it's been a long week, so here ya go

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enjoy this gem from January of last year that I randomly stumbled across

featuring some dashingly awesome peeps doing a (debatably) awesome cover of a definitely awesome song.

how time flies.


we don't usually lie around in parks

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but if we did it'd be nice to be serenaded by some random guy who will sing us tenacious d songs and then post the super cute video on the internet.

and we'll sing along, obvs.

This is what kids these days are doing on The Internet

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I don't even think I need to say anything more about this

oh, wait

yes I do

the behind the scenes at the end are the best part


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