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Hip Hop Sunday #74 Kanye West - New Slaves

- by admin

Posted mostly because the presentation in this vid is pretty cool

and I really like the dude on the back right who is SUPER into it.

In all honesty I actually really like Yeezus

which surprised me for some reason

which is dumb because I have (and like) all of his other albums

so I should have known better.

Either way I like it a lot

especially the track Black Skinhead

which uses a beat sampled from Gary Glitter's Rock n Roll Part 2

which is also used in another track that I really like:

(Happy Hip Hop Sunday, dears!)

forget everything you saw yesterday

- by admin

this is the best 2013 april fool's video.

next door neighbour

- by admin

laughs really loudly
watches action films
either has friends over a lot
or has many phone conversations
writes passive-aggressive notes
leaves his nice leather shoes out in the hall
has a bachelor suite
doesn't like when I play my music too loud
but still holds the door open in the mornings
if we're leaving at the same time.


Hip Hop Sunday #65 Jay Z - 99 Problems

- by admin

today's hip hop sunday is for nicole

who let us pile into her car and jam to jay z earlier this week

it's all about the little things in life, kids.

appreciate 'em.

and enjoy

your hip hop sunday.


got nothin' for you kids today

- by admin

be back tomorrow.
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