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cold as a witches tit out there

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this has made the rounds over FB and Twitter already but whatever it's going here too, just so I can come back and remember how awesome this is use it as a model when I make it into a costume for Connect this summer.

because I live in Winterpeg and eventually it had to go from being mild and lovely to bitterly cold I decided to do what was necessary and don on my (fleece-lined! yes!) leggings and Adventure Boots to brave the cold. Why? Because fuck the cold, that's why.

anyway once my superhero outfit became known to the likes of @wilalambre he turned it into some idiot from Winnipeg posing before going to work to this MASTERPIECE:

oh yes. enjoy.

lunchtime is over but I'm having a solo evening at home because someone has a show to go do visuals at and I'm just too tired not cool enough to go to a club show this weekend.

you haven't heard the last of me.


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