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just made myself start choking

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which sucked.

reached over for my glass of water which it turns out wasn't full at all anymore. but you know when there's nothing left in your glass and you're like

no I can make this work. there's a thirst quenching drop in there dammit.

so you tilt the glass back real far, like your head is facing the ceiling far and this one piddly little drop slooooowly slides down to your mouth and you're like

ome yes my thirst is quenched by that impossible little drop!

well this time I stupidly inhaled while it was rolling down my throat which means I started choking on a single drop like an idiot

so I'm rolling around in my computer chair hacking and coughing and cartwheeling with my arms and thinking

holy hell I'm going to die from choking on this single drop and tyrone is going to come home and find me dead and it's going to ruin our night out

because when you're freaked out you think stupid things.

anyway obviously I didn't choke to death which is good. can you imagine my family telling people that?

"alyson died in a freak water droplet accident"

bet you're glad I spared you that humiliation eh mom and dad?

you're welcome!

it's the long weekend so you know what that means

- by admin

ooooooooh yes it is!

cold as a witches tit out there

- by admin

this has made the rounds over FB and Twitter already but whatever it's going here too, just so I can come back and remember how awesome this is use it as a model when I make it into a costume for Connect this summer.

because I live in Winterpeg and eventually it had to go from being mild and lovely to bitterly cold I decided to do what was necessary and don on my (fleece-lined! yes!) leggings and Adventure Boots to brave the cold. Why? Because fuck the cold, that's why.

anyway once my superhero outfit became known to the likes of @wilalambre he turned it into some idiot from Winnipeg posing before going to work to this MASTERPIECE:

oh yes. enjoy.

lunchtime is over but I'm having a solo evening at home because someone has a show to go do visuals at and I'm just too tired not cool enough to go to a club show this weekend.

you haven't heard the last of me.


I was drunk

- by admin

okay, I wasn't

at least not since Friday

but that's the name of this track

and the ridiculous horribly-cut hilarious vid samples scenes from

Black Cat White Cat

which we haven't watched yet

even though we've watched the video a million times

and it's responsible for our whole social circle doing this:


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