June 2011

Recently someone told me

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"I didn't even realize you and Ty were dating"

earlier, during the weekend, someone commented to me that we don't

'act like a couple' in public

and honestly it was starting to bother me

maybe there was something wrong with us?

shouldn't I want to always be sitting with him?

holding his hand? kissing his cheek?

when we go out together we'll spend most of the time socializing with other people, and while it's totally normal to me I'd never considered that others might find it odd

apparently it's unusual

I found this today, though, that made me feel better

it's from an article on autostraddle featuring wisdom from Emily Post, and this is how it goes:

Great love is seldom flaunted in public, though it very often shows itself in pride—that is a little obvious, perhaps. This underlying tenderness and pride which is at the base of the attitude of each, only glints beneath the surface of perfect comradeship. Their frank approval of whatever the other may do or say is very charming; and even more so is their obvious friendliness toward all people, of wanting the whole world beautiful for all because it is so beautiful to them.

I couldn't agree more.

I feel better now :)

no this isn't our cat

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it belongs to some friends of ours

his name's lil' Frank Lapedus

('Peedy' for short)

he walks on backs and nuzzles faces

and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

and now, because I'm a sucker

I want a kitten, too

I'm-a name him Bill Paxton


Big P

P Dawg


or Pax

for short

get on it Ty

If you laugh you're horribe, just like me

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Growing up we played on a wooden structure with a huge tire swing

it had a huge slide when I was really little, too

but some kid fell off it so they took it away

though the play structure stayed there for most of my childhood

despite kids getting slivers, and bashing their faces & limbs from swinging around on the tire swing

sometimes we (me) even flew off because we lost our grip

but the times are a-changin' and playgrounds aren't what they once were

now they're plastic, and 'safe'

except this one



if I ever have kids I hope there's no Spinning Mushroom of Death in the playground near our house

because I'd look like a really bad parent for laughing at the stupid kids trying to use it


Library Voices at the WECC

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In the glory that was MEME I totally forgot to mention: I won tickets to see one of my favourite bands, Library Voices, at the West End Cultural Centre on July 14th!

So excited! Look at all those synths! (keyboards? Whatever. So stoked)

Thanks a mil UMFM, I really appreciate you guys hooking me up!


(Belated) Hip Hop Sunday #5 - Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

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Sorry for the delay, I wound up spending all of yesterday glued to the couch - three days of being nonstop on-the-go at MEME 2011 caught up with me -maybe it was wearing that polyester onesie in the sweltering heat all Saturday?

Regardless, the festival was an amazing success! I'm so proud to have been involved, every single day was packed to the gills at outdoor stage at The Cube, and at every evening venue. Thanks a million to everyone who worked so hard at making the festival such a resounding success, and everyone else who came out to celebrate electronic music with us :)

Speaking of which, I have untold amounts of pictures to start editing...


What's in your bag?

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Today I launch into full-blown MEME mode, heading out to The Cube in a few minutes and then jumping between three venues tonight - The Zoo, Ozzy's, and Alive. Which party will you be at?

Usually I rock a purse but events like these require some serious camerawork on my part, so I'm trading in my fashionable accessory for the massive camera bag that houses my Canon. I figured you might want to see what I'll be carting around with me:

Cab's here! The madness begins!

Alyson vs Pom Wonderful

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The insanity that is MEME begins tonight! I'll be at Whiskey Dix all night tweeting the event, come down and say hello, and buy me a drink while you're at it ;)


The forecast here sucks

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but I probably wouldn't mind so much if Tom Hanks did the weather every morning


Weekend Recap 06.21.11

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Skipping Sunday and starting with Thursday and #secrethandshake

I always go but I never blog - the Lo has garbage lighting for taking photos unless you hang out right next to the bathrooms or in them

Post Lo Pub Ty, @cenquist, and @cjgibson84 and I went to scope out Latin Night for Jazzfest and drink awful beer in the beer tent

we also took this picture?

additional company was provided by @khemlab and his lovely wifey Kendra, as well as the awesome @GordLeClercCTV

Friday was Project Evening in which Ty did projects and I watched Casino Royale, some episodes of Big Love, and this:

Super glad we stayed in otherwise we might not have had the juice to spend the day lounging in the sun with @JohnnyBroadway, @ckomus, @morleyrigged, Kat and Shawna.

It's our first beach outing of the year and it was heaps of fun, there were some NSFW shots of pretzels that I have safely stored on my phone (haha!) and being out in the sun with great friends is really pumping me up for the camping trip we have planned for Canada Day long weekend -I've never been out of the city for the long weekend, but it's going to be insane, I can tell.

and yikes! Only one more day until #memefestival2011! The festival begins Thursday night at Whiskey Dix at 9pm on the patio! I'll be live tweeting the event (and blogging, if the time allows) for the entire four days of the festival from our twitter at @memefestival so pick a time and come out and say hi!


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funny finding myself

the empire
meticulously constructed
crushing beneath the weight of your boot heel

shattering like glass

splintering like wood

like broken dreams
like broken hearts

sometimes you just don't know what to

to say nothing

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