July 2011

Hip Hop Sunday #9 - 2Pac - I Ain't Mad at Cha

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Posting this one from the future, it's Friday and in a few hours I'll be Connect-bound and away till Monday night.

Hope you kids are having the best weekend ever, and my Canadian peeps are enjoying August Long -I know I am!

Happy Hip Hop Sunday guys, missing you!


It's almost time for Connect

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which if you haven't noticed by now is the three-day camping/music extrrrrravaganza that myself and my fellow BTA-ers will be taking by storm this coming weekend

partially to let you guys in on the shit-show that was last year and partially to sift through old photos, let me share some of my best Connect 2010 memories:

- 8hrs of near-nonstop bad 80s power ballads in Owen's car on the way out

- Creepy people playing banjos and stoop-sittin' in Moosejaw next to the sketchy vendor we bought our beer before arriving at the festival

-Connect Taco Salad

- Gordon's failtent which he pitched drunk and left all weekend

-Komus' drunken garbage pillow

- The Commodore 69's

- Komus throwing a can of Lucky Lager we found on the ground up into the air and hitting a girl at an adjacent campsite smack on the head and spraying her tent and consequently getting threatened while wearing his Pedobear suit
"are you the guy in the bear suit?!"
(being threatened by some n00b)

and last but not least, the best Connect memory... when Donald drunkenly thought he'd lost all his DJ gear, flipped out, and punched a tree and broke his hand

good show!

Never have I had so much fun jam-packed into three days and the excitement that's overtaking me as I've been compiling this post is almost (not) embarrassing. Tonight Ty and I pick up the last of our essentials and we leave right after work tomorrow.

Omg. Connect. Omg.

(ps the rest of my Connect 2010 photos are here in case you wanted more ridiculousness)

Been thinking about this movie a lot lately

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I saw Stop-Loss quite a while ago and was really disappointed with it, which is why it seems to weird that I'm thinking about it so much

I think it's because I have a problem with how a film that, at first, seemed to be taking a stand against injustice and winds up making you feel smothered by it instead

because after going AWOL after being stop-lossed, Ryan Philippe's character gets back on the plane and goes back to a war which he disagrees with and which has mentally scarred him and his friends

it's like everything he stood for and believed in, he had to let go of because it was 'for his country' and I just can't stand that kind of blatant shove-it-down-your-throat patriotism, which is what this feels like: that they played it safe when they could have really made a statement about something important

I feel like we do that too much these days

back down, I mean

and though it's just a movie it seems to send the wrong message

like there's no point fighting at all

Made infused vodka today

- by admin

Oranges, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar.

It'll be ready by Connect, which is this weekend, after a jam-packed van ride with friends to Saskatchewan

It's the highlight of my summer

Camping with friends
Dancing all night

Plus Onion Union is doing visuals! Exciting!

Can't wait! Almost time!


Saw the new Beastie Boys video today

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and while I like it -because who doesn't like the Beastie Boys, Spike Jonze, and videos with dolls pretending to be IRL people in them?-

it's sort of ruined for me, because all videos with dolls as people make me think of this video:

and while the video may be cute, Sum 41 is definitely one of the worst Canadian bands ever (behind Nickelback) and as a result it's all I can think about when I see the BB vid, which makes me sad

what does make me happy is that G+ has an iPhone app, it's Shambled Rambler's birthday and she's still as witty and stunning as ever, and this:


Tried to go see a play Friday night

- by admin

we didn't make it

was too busy hanging with these kids and Ty

and eating this

and smoking cigars with Rhondal

at first I felt like this

but we saw a cat on a leash wearing a Bombers jersey

so I felt better

and we went to Lo Pub to say goodbye to mrghosty which I wrote about here.


Hip Hop Sunday #8 Kayo - My Mamma Told Me

- by admin

there's something Halifax hip hop that kicks so much ass

Happy Hip Hop Sunday

Kickass show tonight

- by admin

Enjoy Your Pumas is opening tonight along with other locals Mise En Scene

I'm mildly obsessed with the Pumas, so check out the vid and lemme know your reaction

(also the vid's shot all around #Winnipeg -that castle the guy rolls out of is on the U of W campus -I took an exam in there once!)

they're also opening for one of my fav bands Library Voices who I adore

mega stoked for this show

and also how free it is (thanks UMFM!)

we're meeting up with @jabezlee and his lovely lady and booking 'er over

and now I've realized

we're going to be late


The world-famous Winnipeg Fringe Festival starts today

- by admin

and though I can't go until Friday

since I'm seeing my Grandma (who doesn't like plays) tonight, and seeing Library Voices tomorrow at the West End Cultural Centre (for free! Thanks @UMFM!)

I scored a set of free tickets from @KingsTransfer and am looking forward to heading out with Ty, @Cenquist and possibly some others to partake in the theater.

For you out-of-towners, the @WinnipegFringe is a huge deal here in #Winnipeg and we get some of the very best, most talented people to come and visit us for a while and perform their musicals, shows and plays.

Ty and I went last year and were harassed by the surliest clown ever and saw a bunch of plays that don't seem to be coming back this year (shame, 'Cactus the Seduction was amazing) and since unfortunately I'm not (yet) SuperWoman which means I can't attend every play I want to see, here are my top four picks:


The Brain from Planet X

Cannibal! The Musical

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Clearly these are subject to change depending on what times are available, and who happens to be standing around outside promoting their play and are nice to me

(hint: buying me a beer helps in the decision-making ;))

I was drunk

- by admin

okay, I wasn't

at least not since Friday

but that's the name of this track

and the ridiculous horribly-cut hilarious vid samples scenes from

Black Cat White Cat

which we haven't watched yet

even though we've watched the video a million times

and it's responsible for our whole social circle doing this:


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