October 2012

Life lessons from Pat Benatar:

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you can thwart a pimp through group dance



the most pretentious girl evs is sitting at the other table

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but I can't take her foto because that's too obvious. even in the age of smartphones and iphones with wicked cameras it's still tough to take a photo of someone and not look like you're totally heatscore while doing it. so here's my description of this university girl while I wait for some classmates to show up:

dirty blonde hair, dyed. roots growing in because she doesn't give an f about upkeep.
unwashed, probably day 2. not greasy for hipster-level grease so she's either blessed with nice hair or uses dry shampoo. you guess.
no-makeup makeup look. I don't get the point in this look, but whatevs.
huge knit scarf. mustard yellow because you know it's in.
oversized army jacket. looks like the real deal, likely from Ragpickers or Rhymes with Orange or another trendy vintage store.
maroon skinny jeans. nice legs. damn.
combat boots or something like it. ripoffs you can buy for 80$ at spring, maybe?
lumberjack-style winter socks pulled up out of boots and over jeans. purpose: irrelevant. trendiness: through the roof.
drinking a venti something-or-other. no lid. whipped cream. living on the edge.
huge costume rings on the right pinky finger, left ring finger and left thumb. I'm jealous.
typing on a macbook. obviously.
nails red as well, match the jeans kinda. probably on purpose but meant to look accidental because that's too much effort.
looking generally bored and disillusioned.
checks her new iphone 5. omg it's so nice.
catches me staring.

goes back to her macbook.

maybe she's reading this right now.

hi girl!

why we're not Friends on The Internet

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don't get too upset if I unfriended you or unfollowed you or didn't respond to your request on linkedin or we were never friends in the first place and you wannabe. it's just not gonna happen.

maybe you tweeted a bunch of stoopid shit and I got sick of seeing it. maybe you kept inviting me to events in a city I don't live in or even events in the city that I do live in but your events suck and I don't wanna go. mebbe you're just bad at the internet and I got sick of looking at your 9gag posts (reddit rules). maybe I just don't like yr face.

the problem with cutting people off on the internet is they get all offended about it like somehow the Internet matters like OMG HOW DARE U BLOCK ME U BITCH or whatevever. some people get all passive-aggressive like "omg you unfriended me but I don't care SEE" which means you do and then that's why I don't want to be Internet Friends with you, silly.

pick which one you think applies and go with it.

nobody actually cares who you're friends with in real life and this goes double for The Internet but it's stupid because if you unfriend someone or unfollow them it's a public attack on their person like how dare you not acknowledge them in a networking platform, already?!

facebook doesn't want you to do this, either. I just spent a bunch of time unfriending people that for one reason or another I just don't really care about anymore and it took way longer than it should have: you have to go to your page and then to your 'friends' page and then click on their page and then click 'friends' and then click 'unfriend' and then click again to acknowledge that the past few steps were what you actually wanted to do (yes omg) and I'm half-convinced that facebook does this so everyone has 5,000 friends because it's too much of a hassle to manage them.

I'm not even finished going through the list, either, this blog post is just a break from the incessant clicking required to clean up the mess that is your pretend online social circle.

so if I nix ya in the next little bit, you know why. not sorry about your feels.

Joss Whedon on Mitt Romney

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looks like I'm going to have to learn parkour.

There was a flash mob in Osborne Village today

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Hip Hop Sunday # 53 Abstract Artform - Summer In The City

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grey, cold day

with a little bit of snow on the ground

remember summer?

let one of the coolest guys I know

remind you.

happy hip hop sunday.


it's weird making yrself stay in two nights in a row

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everyone's all
omg are you coming out?!
and we're all
even though there's tons of
and faces to see
and peeps offering all sorts of
cool plans
alternative hang-out options
to not cave
to say
and pack up and ship out
find adventure
lose sleep
make memories
the uje
we went out for dinner
watched some BSG
caught up on projects
which feels weird weird
but it's good
even superheroes
need a break sometimes.

walked to the store in the snow

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there's a slight breeze and it's snowing lightly. the magical kind that only happens at night beneath streetlights and between tree branches when everything seems perfect. when everything is perfect.

you forget mittens on purpose so you can hold hands in pockets. wind fingers together for warmth. maybe you'll slip because of it but it's worth it. the walk is better that way.

breath in the air. on skin.

winter kisses.


guys I think I'm getting old

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last year I dressed the hell up outta halloween, made a variety of masks from pictures of a friends face, danced my face off and partied with my nearest and dearest. usually halloween is one of my favourite holidays.

the past couple of years we've gone to huge parties thrown by amazing people (or groups of people), spent months planning our costumes, sewing, painting, drawing with sharpies, making elaborate accessories and happily spending too much money on all of it.

tyrone and I had been tossing around some of our most prolific couple-costumes ever (remember the year we went as "AMERICA"? that was great) and believe me we had some gooders being tossed around. epic costumes of epic proportions.

instead, this year my costume is "responsible student who goes out for dim sum and writes papers instead of partying"


More election-related videos need to be like this:

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