been so tired lately it feels like I have lead bones

not cool adamantium ones like wolverine but heavy, old, useless bones that get mad at me for riding my bike every day and climbing stairs and walking to the corner store.

I can't get enough sleep and even when I do I feel worn-out hours later. maybe I've got a vitamin deficiency. someone from the internet cure me.

I'm supposed to hang with Kbabs tonight but I'm gonna bail because she wants me to bike to her house so she can make me a sammich and then we'll ride bikes to my house so I can get changed so we can go for a walk. all before 8pm. and I don't wanna.

I wanna go home and lie in the dark under a blanket with the cat and take a nap watching some junky movie on netflix by myself because tyrone has vj stuff to do and I never, ever get any alone time.

I wanna get gross subway for dinner because I'm lazy and maybe a cookie, too, because I've been eating salads all week and I want chocolate, damnit. I deserve the sub and the cookie and probably the diet coke I'll toss on there for good measure.

this is the part where you tell me eating that way won't help how tired I am.

and then comes the part where I say eff you and eat it anyway.

because that's the best part about being a grown-up lady: not always acting like a grown-up lady.