Very Green Tuesday with Vine and Frogbox

Our internet was down for most of the morning today which meant that besides a really kickass meeting with a new client I was unable to get much done.

It's sad how much we rely on teh internets to get our work done. Wow.

Anyway Joseph and I used it as an opportunity to go on a field trip to get some plants from the office, which are now happily living in our space:


(so much better than before -it's crazy what a difference a few plants can make)

To help with carting everything over we used Frogbox, which were provided to us by one of our amazing clients and were super helpful in moving all the plants, pots and soil into the office -way better than cardboard boxes, which would have been an awful experience considering that it's pouring rain in #Winnipeg right now.


Frogbox is also running a contest right now which you can enter to win money and free stuff (who doesn't love free stuff?) which you can check out here.


We also brought in a wonderfully green plant which completely changed the atmosphere of the workplace and is now our mascot.