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found this weird video today

- by admin

the animation reminds me of some anime but I don't know what, I'm sure it will come to me if I type long enough

the weather here has been bananas and by that I mean blazingly hot, the normal for Winnipeg in March is 0 and it's been 25 the last few days and muggy as hell and it's been like waiting for a bomb to drop anticipating the storm that's coming. everyone was saying it wouldn't but after days of heat and damp and thick muggy air to for it to get mild without a storm is like an unreached orgasm, if you ask me

you're waiting for it but it just doesn't come

except now it's raining like crazy and there's thunder and lightning and the trees all around our apartment are blowing around and some weird part of me wants to go run around outside in it

especially since the lights just flickered in here, so there might not be anything else to do

I'll keep you posted

ps the anime is Serial Experiments Lain

a lot of people dump on Winnipeg

- by admin

because, okay, it's not a "cosmopolitan city" and our skyline needs work, I know

but we have a wicked phallus bridge that looks cool

and, okay, we don't get lots of cool, huge concerts all the time because we're kind of in the middle of nowhere

but our isolation means that we raise some wicked-talented people

and okay, the older generation are obsessed with moving into the suburbs and avoiding downtown at all costs

even though our downtown is actually awesome, and The Village is is the second highest-densely populated neighbourhood in the country

and, okay, building a megamall out in Tuxedo by the new IKEA that you have to have a car to access because it's designed so you have to drive from one part of the mall to another is really stupid

but at least we'll finally have access to snazzy Swedish furniture

and, okay, the Jets aren't doing so well, even though the whole city except me is obsessed with them and cheers nonstop and cares SO MUCH about hockey

it's still fun to watch over beers at The Yellow Dog, right?

and, okay, our mayor is a total jerk who does sketchy shit and kicks children in the face

but you know what?

we're tough, here in the 'Peg

because it's minus fucking forty-five today and we go about our business like it's nothing

none of you sissies in Toronto or Vancouver could handle this.

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