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baby you know if I could be anything at all

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I'd be an actor in musical theatre production like ASSASSINS! which I saw last week while out on a fun friday night date.

okay yeah sure being a surgeon would be ballin, cuttin' people open and saving lives and stucking my hands into their warm, squishy inside parts.

and taking people skydiving would be cool, strappin' 'em to me and being like 'we're falling out of this plane right away, you scurred?' and then jumping like a boss.

but honestly all I wanna do

is sing and dance and tell a little story

and move some people a couple nights a week.

problem is

I can't sing

or dance

so I'll have to stick to writing a wicked blog instead

while secretly listening to broadway jamz in my earbuds

dreaming of the stage.


last night I watched Across The Universe

- by admin

which I saw in a theatre in Hamilton a few years ago back when I lived there but didn't really get to watch for a few reasons

1. the kids in front of us brought beer into the theatre and my bf at the time was 'allergic to beer' (even though he drank sometimes -in hindsight I think he was just a lightweight a-hole) and heard the cans cracking open and smelled it because they were a row ahead of us and got mad.

2. the same kids started singing along after a few beers and he got madder.

3. after a whisper-fight about the kids in front of us drinking beer and singing and whether or not my now ex-bf should yell at them (hint: he did anyway) he moved a seat away from me and glared at me for the rest of the movie.

4. my ex didn't like the beatles and especially didn't like movies where people did covers of original songs so getting him to come with me was like pulling teeth. I mean, he got mad that they covered 'somebody to love' in happy feet.

anyway I remember being super jazzed about it coming out because you know I've always loved the beatles ever since I was introduced to them by my senior-year highschool boyfriend who was obsessed with them. he also loved tupac and the white stripes but stories about him are stories for another day.

the reason I didn't start listening to the beatles until I was in highschool was because my british mum hates the beatles which I didn't realize was actually allowed, her being british and all, but there ya go. as a result my memories of the beatles remind me of the apartment he had after we graduated and appleton's rum and parquet flooring.

but the movie reminds me of someone else, and the fight we had in the movie theatre.

or at least it did.

now it reminds me of ice cream and hugs and blogging.

funny how things change.

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