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Free Stuff Day in Winnipeg

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Which I promise you is exactly what it sounds like: people put out boxes of stuff on their front lawns and randoms come by and look through it and potentially take it home.

It's also as sketchy and as awesome as it sounds.

You can find all sorts of stuff including ancient relics from a bygone era:

If you Google "free stuff day" Australia comes up first which means they might also have a similar deal, but the next on the list is Winnipeg which I guess is cool.


We didn't find anything on our free time adventure which was fine I guess. I'm always wary of picking up discarded stuff from people's front lawns anyway. Even if I pay $1 for something I feel a bit better about it, like I made a legitimate transaction or something.


Either way it was a good excuse to get some Thom Bargen Americanos and croissants and walk around for a few hours.

We saw some weird shit as per usual for Wolsley.


We were going to go out tonight but decided not to. Port at home plus Mother's Day plus a 9am run plus painting Kat's apartment kept us in.

Honestly it's been our first weekend "in" in months which I'm loving right now.

Kat came over and we had some port and wine and snacks and I'm loving my oldschool Matt Good and this half-assed attempt at blogging.

It's all about the little things in life, I tell you. Never forget that.

I wish this was for realsies

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I'd kill to see a Portal movie, wouldn't you?


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