July 2014

Everyone's a superhero in their own way

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sometimes we just need a little sidewalk chalk to remind us.

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Hip Hop Sunday: Aceyalone - Mic Check

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Spent the afternoon on the couch watching OTNB and nursing a headache from friends and BBQ and laughs the night before.

It’s supposed to be dry this week so I have to head home and water my garden which is bringing me so much joy.

Who knew growing and eating things could warm yr heart this way?

I didn’t.

Here’s hoping your hip hop Sunday is equally as lovely & chill.

xox yr girl Shaner


Took bold steps today

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which takes more balls than people tell you.

Whether it's leaving a lover

(which I didn't, don't worry)

calling someone on their bs

(which I did recently, but not today)

or finally allowing yrself to say

"yeah, I'm worth it"

(which is what happened)

it's can be a scary journey to actually start thinking highly of yourself, which is weird.

You'd think it would be the opposite, but no.

Our society teaches us (especially women) to devalue ourselves,

that it's rude to think that we deserve a better partner, better people in our lives, better opportunities

even when we do

and it takes courage to start to value ourselves and to take a long, hard look at our lives and go

"yeah, I deserve this"

and then actually go for it.

One of my favourite authors said something lovely about courage, which I'm going to end with here before I get too flowery

(so have a lovely weekend, and always remember):

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
- Anais Nin


Missed Hip Hop Sunday because it was hot

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and I was drinking sacawine and mojitos left over from Folk Fest and BBQing like a mofo and seeing a Fringe play and otherwise out and about enjoying the fact that it was +40 and not -40

which it was for a lot of 2014, which sucked.

To make up for it here's a super cool vid/song from The Zolas who I may have blogged about before but whatever

sometimes you gotta reshare what's good, y'know?

Yeah, you know.


Friday we rocked out with Rokk Stark aka Adam for his bday at Yellow Dog where I had a really lame pizza

(but it only cost $12 plus a pint I can't really complain, I guess)

and then at the King's Head where pints and laughs and good times were had

and yr girl passed out around 1am because we had to run Colour Me Rad the next day


(which I still woke up late to do, but whatever)

which was Rad As Hell mostly because John, Amber and I spent the entire time cackling and goofing off and being ridiculous

as per usual

afterwards we inhaled huge burritos from Burrito Del Rio which aren't pictured because I was too busy stuffing it into my starving face.


Later that night we hit up the Fringe hard and checked out Chase and Stacey's Joyride which I can't recommend enough

and also No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery which we saw last night

which was on the 2nd floor of The King's Head which was perfect because you could order food n pints before the show

(which we did, of course)

and was absolutely hilarious. Usually yr girl is wary of one-man shows but it was just too perfect.

Even when he had to kick that super drunk lady out of the venue because she wouldn't stfu

oh and then that other person's phone kept ringing??

because apparently peeps don't know how to watch a show these days.

except me who sat and drank my beer and laughed like a mofo and held hands and smiled

because life is divine.

Deal with it.


There's this great Ethiopian place downtown

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photo (1)where I went for dinner last night called Kokeb which is currently located next to the Hydro Building but used to be across from the LC on Ellice when I first went there when I was 18.

I hated it then but I love it now which just goes to show what a close-minded young person I was.

It was wonderful except for the fact that the tvs on the wall were on super loud and there was this obnoxious short woman talking to some NBA player about what people were wearing to some sort of award ceremony and What Celebrities Are Wearing is right up there on my List Of Things I Don't Care About which looks roughly like this:

1. What Kind of Smartphone You Have
2. Michael Bay Movies
3. What Celebrities Are Wearing
4. Drake
5. What Your Baby Did Today
6. What's Inside A Hot Dog
8. Anything Ann Coulter Says
9. Bronies
10. Small Dogs

besides that though it was great and I stuffed myself full of meat and veg and pickled beets and drank a beer, also.

Instead of going home which would have been lame we walked through several parks and drank iced coffees and played in fountains until it got dark.

Which is a pretty stellar way to end a Wednesday evening in the summertime.



Maybe someday I'll love someone

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as much as Kanye West loves himself.


Hip Hop Sunday: Action Bronson - Strictly 4 My Jeeps

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While this might be Hip Hop Sunday it's actually only Wednesday for me thanks to the magic of the internet, and as you're reading this I'm currently getting my folk on at Folk Fest out in Birds Hill Park

(because the Internet is a magical thing)

and I'm trying to pass the time, and found this gem of a video.

(because while I really like Action Bronson, it's this outrageous video that really does it for me)

Related: I want a cake of my own face at my next party.

Enjoy your weekend, kids! See you when I get back from Folk Fest!

xox yr girl Shaner


This photo contains every human being in existence, except for the one

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It's totally crazy when you think about it.

Which you should, and often.

Looking at this photo makes me feel funny inside

like when a plane is taking off and everything inside you feels like floating.

It makes me feel so small and so huge and so

very, very lucky.

Which we all are.

So go hug yr mum.

Text yr friends and tell 'em you love 'em.

Forget whatever you were stressed out about, because it really doesn't matter.

We're all in this



Hip Hop Sunday: Relic - Work of Heart

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Last Thursday night J, Colin and his lovely lady stayed up late on a school night to catch the Ghettosocks show at Le Garage

(put together by everyone's favourite, Abstract Artform)

which was amazing, of course.

I'd originally intended to post another Ghettosocks track, but was so impressed by Relic's performance

(also that he gave me a free cd, thanks!)

that I figured I'd give props to such a super-talented dude.

Definitely check out his stuff!

Now if you'll excuse me I have white wine to drink and a festival to prepare for.

Enjoy your hip hop Sunday, kids!

xox yr girl Shaner


Of Truth and Magic

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is a movie that J and I decided to check out based on a review from The Uniter that went something like this:

"Of Truth and Magic is the best film this year thus far"

which was a pretty bold statement to make, so not knowing anything else about the movie at all we headed down to the Cinémetheque last Thursday to see what all the in-print fuss was about.

We weren't disappointed.Diptic

In addition to screening the film itself the evening also included an adorable speech by local filmmaker Curtis L. Wiebe, who wrote and directed and starred in the film.

And also several of his other short films, which were all charming and cute as f.

And also a bunch of live music, including a song which featured a string quartet.

And all that before the movie, which is what we originally showed up to see

originally not having any idea what we were in for

which turned out to be so much better than we could have imagined.

(The film, by the way, is just as good as The Uniter promised it would be.)

You can check out all of Curtis L. Wiebe's work here, which I highly recommend that you do


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