August 2012

omg it's the Labour Day long weekend

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feels like the longest week ever which is funny because don't they all feel like that before the long weekend? work flew by today which was nice and I made it home in record time because there's, like, zero wind you guys and though I'm glad my day zoomed by I hope the weekend doesn't because yr girl needs this shit bad.

what am I up to you ask? beyond drinks at The Forks in a bit with @cenquist, @abstractartform and Tyrone but beyond that I literally have no idea.

it's scary.

it's exciting.

it's about to begin omg omg omg.


So, how about that RNC, eh?

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I heard that train wrecked pretty hard tonight.


A year ago today

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I'm trying to write but I can't

I spent all day in a sick-coma. slept till noon, woke up, made an insane sandwich which I forgot to take a picture of before inhaling in with my sickness-empty stomach. here is what was in it:

2-egg omelette folded over some pieces of cheddar and mozzarella
sliced red onion
sliced vine tomato
on whole-grain bread

now I want to eat again.

ps how badly do you want to see this movie? I do x1,000,000

a year later I didn't see that movie and I haven't had a home-made sandwich that good since.

what was I doing this whole year?

It's Wednesday, I'm in love

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sitting at my desk taking a break from doing the boringest thing ever which is entering AP invoices into SAP and I can't believe I get paid what I get paid to do this. it should either be way more or way less depending on how you look at it but I'll take the money and run, thank you.

but it's lunchtime right now and I'm eating this crazy three-cheese pasta and half a porkchop stuffed with pear and goat cheese which is leftover from the weekend which leads me to the title of this post

because nobody is actually in love with wednesday, ever.

saturday Tyrone made me this crazy dinner which consisted of the stuff I just mentioned and we hung a sheet up over the flatscreen on the living room wall and hooked up the projector instead.

we put blankets on the floor and set it up all picnic-like.

I put out tons of candles all around the living room so there was sexy time mood lighting.

we picked the movie Solaris which isn't really a date-time movie but we have to be different somehow, I guess.

we ate our dinner, set up pillows and blankets on the floor and lay down together to watch the movie

and fell asleep before the movie even ended.

which some would consider to be a colossal loss, but not me.

because we still made a nice dinner together and still put a ton of effort into having a nice at-home date on a saturday night, which is more than a lot of almost-three-years-together couples do. even if they fall asleep together because omg it'd been a long week for both of us.

and now I have leftovers to make my wednesday better.



oh man am I tired

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had a bunch of running around to do after work today so I dragged Tyrone out on bikes around with me and we clocked in a mean 50km which is like like 30 miles you americans who don't know kms.

I've been biking around like a mofo all summer which is awesome because I'm getting in really good shape without having to drag my sorry ass to the actual gym to exercise which is good. problem is classes start next week which means I'm gonna have to modify my schedule to include the gym again. dang.

treadmill, I'm coming for you.

anyway now we're sitting at home and I'm listening to 90's music on internet radio and Tyrone was all

"remember in the mornings when you used to play music from the CBC? that was cute"

which is funny because I don't remember him saying anything of the sort and in fact I stopped playing the radio in the morning because he'd constantly harass me about what was on the radio and while I was eating my breakfast he'd be all

what's this crap

and while I was doing my hair he'd be all

there's crap on the radio. why are you listening to it?

and as I was going out the door he'd be all

did you turn off the radio with the crappy music

and I'd be all


though he bought new glasses that have blue-tinted lenses so that just goes to show what Tyrone knows about having good opinions about stuff.


got lost on the bus today

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okay well not really.

I had an appt this morn which meant I couldn't take the usual 180 express bus I usually take to work if I'm not biking because I learned today it only runs during peak traffic hours.

which would have been okay but only 1 other bus goes to where I work and that was three very confusing bus rides/transfers away.

which basically left yr grl stranded at the corner of pembina & bishop grandin because the 51 I needed to catch to go catch my 78 was early and I couldn't run across the highway & through traffic fast enough.

now I'm at work and I have to stay late and my legs hurt and I'm tired & cranky but none of that really matters anymore because I have a coffee and a slice of leftover pizza and this video of Rickyisms from one of my fav shows.

so I'm gonna make like a tree and fuck off.


Hip Hop Sunday #45 B.o.B. - So Good

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woke up excited today because we're going to the beach

which we haven't actually done this summer

just "gone to the beach" I mean, not be at a beach or swim or get drunk on some sand

I even kicked the cat in the head as I rolled out of bed to make coffee

but he didn't care and neither did I

so we're cool.

happy Hip Hop Sunday!

Neil Armstrong died today

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which basically means we lost one of the coolest, most important people ever, which is very sad.

I'm working on a painting for the occasion that you can most certainly buy once it's done because 1. it'll look really good and 2. I could use some tuition money right about now because baby's gotta buy some new textbooks.

though I'll be sad to part with this one because space is really cool and it's important that we explore it and painting someone I've looked up to since I was a wee lass is kind of, I don't know, cathartic for me?

the first nerdy thing I was into besides video games as a kid was space thanks to my dad who taught me about constellations and planets and let me put a huge map of the constellations from one of his 70's national geographics up on my bedroom wall which I swear was cooler than it sounds.

as I got older and started putting up magazine cut-outs of boy bands and liked and leonardo dicaprio and all those other 90's teen heartthrobs with their center-part haircuts up on my wall and the star map -which I realize now was probably super outdated- stayed up, there in the middle of the evidence of my early raging tweeny hormones.

even when my bitchy tweeny friends made fun of me for having it up, it stayed up there for most of my early adolescence until I became "too cool" to put stuff up on my walls completely, and then the poster which was by now totally frayed and falling apart went into the garbage with all the other glossy pictures of people I'd never met.

I don't miss the pictures of boy bands with shitty hair and shittier music

but I miss that poster.

RIP The Lo Pub

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yesterday I went out with tyrone, @abstractartform and @cenquist for some beers and snacks at my favourite close-to-school haunt, the lo pub, which is closing this weekend and it's breaking my heart.

I don't 100% understand what's happened beyond the fact that the HI hostel that was in the same building is moving and the building was up for sale and, I guess, the new owners didn't want to keep the lo pub part of it.

what I do know and understand is that it sucks, 100%.

besides the fact that lo is right beside my campus and was the perfect place to head in-between (or before, or after) class to grab some half pints and something from their seriously delicious vegetarian menu (omg the chickpea fritters omg) and hang with friends, to the monthly meetups for secret handshake, it was a super-important venue for the local music scene.

I've seriously seen every kind of band there, shitty rock and low-key indie and weepy chicks singing and the 8-bit shows my pal mr ghosty (pictured) did there, too. I'm not a musician (ha) but my peeps tell me jack was the nicest and coolest guy to deal with, and he gave a legitimate shit about the music scene here.

he's one of those guys who might not know you (though he might know me from how often I sucked back beers there) but everyone knows who he is. I'm sure there are lots of people who owe their first shows to him, and lots more who owe their awesome evenings to him.

RIP lo pub. here's hoping the crew can make the magic happen somewhere else real soon.

watch this and be inspired by it

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because shit's fucked up in nyc today

people are dead, more people are hurt, the country scared and so is the rest of the world

for you, america. we're scared for you.

because we miss this side of you.

the brave one, that inspired us and made us proud. made us wish we were americans because you guys were the coolest of the cool doing the best of the best.

so please stop shooting each other. you can do so much better.

get well soon.

your friend from canada


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