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More election-related videos need to be like this:

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This is actually amazing

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Mitt Romney strikes me, so hard.
Makes me feel like Shirley Sherrod.
Out of context, those words aren't mine.
The private sector's doing fine.
Feels good, when the economy's weak,
Responding with a national security leak.
Osama Bin Laden, I killed.
And that was a mission you didn't build.


If you've given three dollars before,
I'm asking again for a few dollars more.
Clint Eastwood and the empty chair
Would be bettter than this Republican pair.
Shut up, it's my turn.
Let's rap together. Go ahead. You've got a lot to learn.
Mr Ryan and his voucher retailin'.
Maybe he's just a brighter shade of Palin.
Mr Romney...and his friends on Wall Street.
What I'm saying is they're SuperPacking Heat.
And here is a woman Mitt killed.
But that was an attack ad you didn't build.



Stop. Obamatime.
The race is still in play.
So I gotta be careful about what I say.
And so, from the Australian nation,
I'll be introducing the Strine translation.
The Republican party in the debt ceiling fight.
Ravings of the eccentric, lunar right.
There are those who don't believe my birth certificate.
There are nut jobs on the internet.
To your guns keep on clinging.
To myself I'll be singing...
"I so in love with you."
What we need now is the Colbert Bump.
But, just for a minute lets all do the Trump.
Trump, Trump, Trump. Yeeeaah. Not bad, huh?


Hogan, this is the real American booking.
Do you smell what Barack is cooking?
Morning in America? Not quite.
It's pre-dawn, but we will soon see the light.
Financial straits remain dire.
You've got to remember I did not start this fire.
It was Notorious G.O.P.
And if you choose to vote for me,
I will not just call you maybe.
I am ready to go all the way, baby.
That promise will be fulfilled.
So join this chorus, you didn't build.



too much happened today, and nothing really at all

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had weird dreams which isn't unusual. if I told you guys half the weird shit I dream about every night you'd think I was crazy and be jealous that you don't get to have the same nighttime adventures I do.

it's why I love naps. you always get the weirdest dreams when you sleep during the day.

whenever I'm sick like I am today I curl up in bed with my ipad and fall asleep to futurama or something like it and wake up still convinced that I'm somewhere else. except today my dreams were weird and I had to wake up before they were over and as I rolled out of bed I wasn't even sure I was awake, my head was so stuffed up.

it's one of the only good things about being sick, especially when you're sick and have to drag your sorry sick ass to class because you have to do a presentation and then this chick that you hate who constantly challenges everything everyone says feels the need to keep you up there defending your presentation for ten minutes when you just want to fall over.

I'm not saying all feminists are like this, but why is it all the ornery, nitpicky bitches in any class I've ever taken always self-identify as "feminists"?

seriously. all yr girl wanted to do was go back to my desk and keep my head down while she harassed every other presenter today about how they were wrong. then the class started talking about 'blogs as a medium' and people started talking about jenna marbles and I nearly lost it.

it was just one of those days.

the only solution was to grab a sammich and lie on the couch with The President and watch battlestar gallactica which I'm watching for the first time (shh I know) and it's so intense omg.

I was still feeling like junk later when tyrone came home and started making me soup and kat came by on a wave of rainbows and cuteness with half a homemade pumpkin pie which was perfect and delicious and so sweet and we watched joe kill it during the debate which made everything better.

now I'm on one end of the couch writing this and drinking the best coffee and tyrone is feeding me pieces of the cake that we're sharing as we watch more BSG and Ford is here purring and everything is great.

funny how a bunch of small things can make yr day go to shit

and how some other small things can make it better

it's almost the weekend and I'm excited.

Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney

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spoiler: I'm not, but this upstanding young lady is.

this is how that video made me feel:


Why Obama Now

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An animated short about the big choice in 2012's presidential election
- by Simpsons / Family Guy animator Lucas Gray
- also available at http://whyobamanow.org/


So, how about that RNC, eh?

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I heard that train wrecked pretty hard tonight.


a year ago today we lost one of the good guys

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jack layton, the leader of the new democratic party, died of cancer and the country lost one of its best, loudest, and most compassionate voices

even if you didn't like the ndp you can't deny that jack was a great person, a caring politician, and a man who not only had a vision of a better canada, but made every effort in his daily life to live his vision. he rode his bike to work every day. he had solar panels on his house. he met with regular canadians every chance he got and genuinely listened to their opinions.

I met him at the ndp rally in winnipeg a few years ago when he was running for the prime minister's office in the federal election, the year the orange crush changed the political spectrum of the country. it showed how he moved so many people, and when I saw him speak he moved me. I'd never seen anyone speak so fiercely about the good canadians are capable of, who was so energized about working together and helping each other.

after he was done speaking he was walking around shaking hands and I found myself standing in front of him. he wasn't much taller than I am, which was surprising, and he took my hand in his and shook it and I said the first stupid thing I could think of. I said "good luck jack, I know you can do it" and he said

"with your help we can do anything. thank you"

and after I cried. like I'm crying now. because he was right.

what we need to take away from his death is that the fate of our country isn't in the hands of one man, but in our collaborative efforts to achieve greatness and make canada a better place.

I hope one day we can make him proud.

rip jack, I miss the shit out of you.


Quebec is the only province in this country doing things right.

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someone said to me today

"it's stupid that the students in Montreal are protesting the tuition hikes because so much of their tuition is already subsidized by the government."

which made me mad.

because yeah sure a lot of schools here in Canada get hefty subsidies from the government and that's how most of us can afford to go to school without going totally bankrupt but that isn't not the point and it's starting to get to me that people see these protests as a bunch of whiny upset kids instead of concerned citizens making themselves heard.

see I think the problem is that in a lot of democratic societies people go around thinking that the only way to make there voices heard is to vote, and most of us don't even bother to do that.

and then people go and shit all over students who don't want to take something they don't agree with lying down? c'mon.

I try not to get too political here on the Blog, but if the rest of Canada got its shit together in the way that Quebeckers have we wouldn't have a majority government who constantly do sneaky shit like try to add one-liners to repeal important laws in 400+ page bills, wants to allow already dead animals to be processed for human consumption, pleaded guilty to illegal campaign spending and, oh, did you forget the robocalls?

everyone makes jokes about Canadians being super polite and nice and to some extent that's true but it concerns me that the vast majority have become wishy-washy on being involved in the democratic society of which they are a part.

or even worse, they don't care.

and then we have the gall to dismiss people who are exercising their rights under the Canadian Charter as "entitled" for not wanting to have the shell out because the older generation accepted government pensions and family allowances without wanting to pay the taxes that supported those programs.

now my generation has to work two years longer.

now my generation may not have the Canadian Pension that our parents looked forward to.

now post-secondary students are being asked the shoulder the burden of increased tuition because nobody wants to help pay to educate the people who will be shaping our country's future.

among other things.

I didn't ask for this. my generation didn't ask for this.

and it's unfair and irresponsible and selfish for the older generation to assume that we should shoulder the burden because this country is rapidly becoming a place where individualism, capitalism, greed and selfishness are touted as virtues.

what ever happened to giving a shit about other people?

what ever happened to shouldering the responsibility as a nation, together?

what ever happened to making sacrifices so our children could be more prosperous, better educated, healthier and happier than we were?

I don't know what is happening to the country that I know and love, but it scares me and I don't like that so many people out there are dismissive of their ability to take part and change the course of our nation's history.

instead of shunning the protesters in Montreal we should be applauding their efforts and taking notes. this is the only way to get anything done in a democracy, people. by making yourself heard to your government.

TL/DR: fucking rights, Montreal. the rest of Canada could learn a thing or two from you.

Pat Martin dropped the f-bomb on Twitter today

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for you non-Winnipeggers Pat Martin is the New Democrat MP for Winnipeg Centre (my riding! big ups!) and has been the MP here for nearly fourteen years. lots of people don't like him because, admittedly, he's known for being a bit of a loudmouth, as was demonstrated during this exchange on Twitter just now that has a lot of people getting upset:

I'm sorry... no matter how unprofessional it may be, it's still the best response ever. I think it's great.

Now I understand that profanity is an iffy thing, even in social media, and that saying "fuck you" directly isn't the most 'professional' way to handle it, but when someone tries to go about trolling you by dragging religion into it, frankly I can totally understand why he said it. You can't feed the trolls, the best way to deal with them is to deal with them quickly and directly, which the response certainly was.

And let's be honest: despite being a loudmouth Pat Martin is undefeated in his riding since he was first voted in, so obviously people appreciate that there's someone out there with the balls to say what needs to be said, even if he may not always be diplomatic in saying it.

@shawncarthy sums it up best:

You can follow tweets from my badass MP here: @PatMartinMP


sometimes it's hard to get out of bed in the morning

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maybe you have a meeting you don't want to sit through

or a review with your boss that you aren't looking forward to having

it might be really dark & cold outside and you bed is the only warm place in your whole house

you might be heartbroken and the only option is to hide from it

maybe you ran out of coffee yesterday

or have a report you didn't write that's due

you might be over-tired



or depressed

but just remember

even after destroying any (very) slim chance he might have had at winning the GOP presidential nomination

Rick Perry still has to get out of bed in the morning

so suck it up.


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