May 2013

I still wanna see The Great Gatsby

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Even though it's not doing super hot in theaters and it's only got a 51% rating on rotten tomatoes.

I can't help it, I think it's because Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.

Scratch that. I know it's Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.

A few weeks ago the cat was bugging me at like 4am and I couldn't get back to sleep. So since it was Saturday I decided to go hang on the couch and see if I was going to fall back to sleep eventually, or what, and wound up watching Titanic, which I haven't seen in a few yrs.

It was actually better than my youthful self remembers. Though that might be because I could pause it and go pee halfway through without having to push past an aisle full of peeps just trying to enjoy the movie, dammit.


Leo was great in it. I always forget what an amazing actor he is until I'm watching one of his movies. Then I'm all

"holy shit, he's handsome and talented"

which is why I want to see Gatsby, even though from what I know there isn't any nudity à la Kate Winslet's fabulous boobs like in Titanic.

But I can deal. Plus Carey Mulligan is pretty effin cute.

The thing that puzzles me still is this:

Why did people expect the movie to be so great?

It's a mediocre movie based on a mediocre book

except the movie has a zebra in a fountain.


Very Green Tuesday with Vine and Frogbox

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Our internet was down for most of the morning today which meant that besides a really kickass meeting with a new client I was unable to get much done.

It's sad how much we rely on teh internets to get our work done. Wow.

Anyway Joseph and I used it as an opportunity to go on a field trip to get some plants from the office, which are now happily living in our space:


(so much better than before -it's crazy what a difference a few plants can make)

To help with carting everything over we used Frogbox, which were provided to us by one of our amazing clients and were super helpful in moving all the plants, pots and soil into the office -way better than cardboard boxes, which would have been an awful experience considering that it's pouring rain in #Winnipeg right now.


Frogbox is also running a contest right now which you can enter to win money and free stuff (who doesn't love free stuff?) which you can check out here.


We also brought in a wonderfully green plant which completely changed the atmosphere of the workplace and is now our mascot.


For Morley

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Snakes on the plains

- by admin


Fun fact: Narcisse, Manitoba has the highest concentration of red-sided garter snakes in the world and is protected by the Government of Manitoba

it's also garter snake mating season right now

which meant that despite a hangover and being tired as fawk

yr heroes made the trip out to the Narcisse Snake Pits to go see some snake balls n play with snakes


(you can't really see, but there are huge snake gangbangs going on down in that snake pit)



For those of you who've never played around with garter snakes it's a ton of fun

snakes usually freak me out a bit but these little doods are so cute and have no problem being picked up

tons of little kids were doing it but I don't have any pictures of them because taking photos of other people's kids is creepy

so I took photos of my lovely lady-friends and Tyrone instead.


We also packed a tasty picnic and some on-the-go vodka & apple ciders

which I highly recommend for any type of outdoor group activity

(good call on that one, Shawna)


Someone had a lie-down while we drove home and listened to episodes of Radiolab.

Snake mating season is wrapping up soon (within the next few weeks) but if you're in Manitoba and want a fun mini day-trip I can't recommend it enough!
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Hip Hop Sunday #73 A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down

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Today I:

- played in the sunshine with my friends
- saw snakes have sex
- chased & held some snakes
- had a picnic
- drank spiked apple cider
- listened to Radiolab in the car on the way home
- held Tyrone's hand
- had the perfect Sunday

Hope yours was great too! xox

remember these lists?

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Stolen from busblog, the only blogger who can make these cool.

1. a few
2. I've fucked up my life here n there
3. on everyone
4. many
5. water
6. try "strong dislike" -hate is wasteful
7. the best
8. you haven't lived if you haven't (yes)
9. currently working it
10. was, am, will be
11. today (contacts)
12. purple
13. average
14. 11/11/87
15. blue
16. boring
17. you
18. Internet
19. kiss
20. Shaner
21. norwegian wood - the beatles
22. the beatles or library voices or matt good
23. it's happened
24. worrying about what other people thought
25. book
26. game of thrones
27. I can't choose, my life is great
28. I write a mean blog (or so I'm told)
29. Tyrone, Kat, my secret blog
30. cracking joints, being dumb
31. above all else.
32. okay shouldnt be a goal [kept this because it's good]

Also this track, because it's what I'm listening to and it's great:

Happy Friday xox

Had a dream about Rob Ford last night

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and my parents and brothers were there and for some reason we were touring his house which of course was in Toronto, even in my dream.

He had this wife who kinda looked like Sandy Hogan which was weird because 1. I've never seen The Hogan Family and 2. I've never seen Rob Ford's wife

(I'm assuming he's married but I dunno, who marries someone like him?)

Anyway we were walking around "his house" getting a tour for some reason

-maybe we won a contest or something-

and it was this super dumpy stucco monstrosity with trash and clothes and cardboard boxes everywhere.

I went into the garage and there was all this hockey stuff

(net, sticks, goalie pads, etc)

and I was all

"Rob Ford you can't even run, wtf do you have this for?"

and he was all

"I used to be an NHL star but I ate too many hams so I had to quit the team

now I'm the mayor of TO instead"

and we left Rob Ford's house and walked through his 'hood

there were people yelling and fights on the street and it was kinda scary

and I remember my dream-self thinking

"poor Rob Ford

If I had to go through life being you, I'd probably smoke crack too"

What's funny is that when I woke up I still felt the same way.

Worth remembering

- by admin

Taken in tornado rubble in Moore, OK

May Long

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IMG_6600Okay so it rained all weekend (of course) and was windy and cold and there was still a ton of ice on the lake, but we made the best of it and had a blast anyway.



IMG_6623It just made sense to go out and climb around on the ice before it got too dark. The mist rolled in and the rain started and it was intense.
IMG_6629Hope your long weekend was just as wonderfully relaxing and entertaining as mine was.

Can you believe we have to go back to work tomorrow? Even though it's been raining for four days it still feels like the weekend just started. Sigh.

Hip Hop Sunday #72 Massive Attack feat. Mos Def - I Against I

- by admin

Spent the night at Will's cabin with my besties yesterday. It rained but it didn't matter, we climbed on ice on the lake and sang songs and BBQ'd.

Sitting around the fire drinking a beer I couldn't help but think to myself

I'm so lucky

Still feeling that way, in fact. Happy, exhausted & lucky as hell.

Hope you're enjoying your (long weekend) hip hop Sunday.



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