November 2011

Today is Jon Stewart's birthday

- by admin

I've gotta type this quick because it's only his birthday in my time zone for ten more minutes


happy birthday to one of the funniest
most clever
political satirists around

thank for you making giving me the lulz daily

for your well-researched and well-informed (hilarious) commentary

and for destroying Chris Wallace on his own show

HBD Jon Stewart


Hip Hop Sunday #23 - Bernhoft - C'mon

- by admin

for Teri <3


we don't have Black Friday up here in Canada

- by admin

not that I'd go if we did

I don't believe in camping and fighting and lining up

just to get a good deal on something I probably don't need anyway

(the only exception to this is my iPhone, but I needed that ;) )

so instead I spent my Friday working and hanging out with my friends

instead of shopping

because I don't need more stuff

and you know what one of the greatest thinkers of our time had to say about that


Are you one?

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the nerds will get this post

- by admin

I'm not buying Skyrim because, sorry, I get super fed up with Oblivion and just put it down

I don't believe in the "strike once, back up, lunge forward & strike again" routine

give me V.A.T.S. or give me death

or just give me Skyward Sword.

Hip Hop Sunday # 23 - Bastard - Occupy These Streets

- by admin

"Winnipeg hip hop artist Jeremy Hughes, aka Bastard, performed this tribute to the worldwide Occupy protests live on CKUW University of Winnipeg radio on October 21, 2011."

big ups, Bastard! :)

get informed:


today was crazy

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I spent all day helping host a luncheon at my work for nearly 100 people and it was hectic and crazy and I spent my entire day running back and forth and up and down floors and buzzing like a bee all around the giant dining room and now my calves and feet hurt and I am celebrating it with red wine. we're making chicken parm and it's snowing outside and somehow it feels whimsical in here. maybe it's the wine.

last night was the first Barley's Angels meeting at HalfPints. what is that you ask? women who love beer getting together and socializing about and over beers. hosted by the lovely Nicole aka Sweet Nikki of HalfPints.



Stir Stick Stout floats

apparently kat and john are coming over to play cards (which is worrisome considering the wine I've has and since I don't know how to play any card games besides go fish) should be fun.

ciao! xo

Pat Martin dropped the f-bomb on Twitter today

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for you non-Winnipeggers Pat Martin is the New Democrat MP for Winnipeg Centre (my riding! big ups!) and has been the MP here for nearly fourteen years. lots of people don't like him because, admittedly, he's known for being a bit of a loudmouth, as was demonstrated during this exchange on Twitter just now that has a lot of people getting upset:

I'm sorry... no matter how unprofessional it may be, it's still the best response ever. I think it's great.

Now I understand that profanity is an iffy thing, even in social media, and that saying "fuck you" directly isn't the most 'professional' way to handle it, but when someone tries to go about trolling you by dragging religion into it, frankly I can totally understand why he said it. You can't feed the trolls, the best way to deal with them is to deal with them quickly and directly, which the response certainly was.

And let's be honest: despite being a loudmouth Pat Martin is undefeated in his riding since he was first voted in, so obviously people appreciate that there's someone out there with the balls to say what needs to be said, even if he may not always be diplomatic in saying it.

@shawncarthy sums it up best:

You can follow tweets from my badass MP here: @PatMartinMP



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I live here now

- by admin

okay not really but it feels like I do. classes end last week(ish) and I'm stressin' hard about getting everything handed in on time which is stupid because most of it is done/on the way to being finished and how hard is it to write a couple of papers, really? not hard at all. but papers combined with two exams on the same day have me crawling up the walls and probably driving poor Tyrone insane with my manic stressing-out, I can't wait for this term to be done so I can spend a month working and playing video games and drinking beer in the n00d in the middle of the day.

manic panic thoughts.

time to dance it out.


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