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George Carlin always knows just what to say

- by admin

to express exactly how I feel

because, yeah, fuck lance armstrong

I'm sick of hearing about him.


I really admired george. still do, even though he's gone

that guy made a living trolling the world, and was good at it.

which is a rare thing, let me tell you.

as a recovering troll (it's true)

nothing gets under my skin more than internet trolls

because they're never arguing valid, well-articulated points

unlike a good real-life troll. that's a skill.

as @Gramiq put it:

which is why george carlin was such a genius.

I can't write today

- by admin

which is bullshit because I have a ton of unimportant things to talk about

like how I had coffee with one of the former mayors of my city (the only female one, look it up)
and she said that she thought I would really go far
that she thought my project was "really important work"
told me in an email after we parted ways that
she feels proud of me even though she doesn't really know me at all

which was really nice.

we finally watched solaris so I can stop bringing it up
watch it all in one go or at max two
because by the third try everything's all disjointed and
probably not as creepy as it would have been
if you'd just stayed awake the whole time

we're making a snack which is a pita pizza
it's got sundried tomatoes and cheese on it
and nothing else
because it's fucking cold outside and there is
chance in hell that I'm bundling up to go to the store

or that I'm going to make tyrone do it
(sometimes I can be nice)

my friend @cenquist and a few others
(@adriantrimble @benquist @brennanlumsdon to name a few)
made a short film during the summer called
The Pint of Justice
in which yr hero and tyrone make cameo appearances
(and you can watch at the end of this post)
where upon watching
I learned that
watching myself
touching adrian's chin makes me feel uncomfortable.

any other day I could have probably pulled all of these into
at least
a somewhat entertaining post
(or several!)
but not today

it's just one of those nowriting days

which are basically worse than anything when yr a writer


My friend Cenquist looks 12

- by admin

and on Saturday we went out to The King's Head to celebrate another year of him looking like a teenager

and drank beers that I assume he got ID'd to drink.

did I ever tell you how Cenquist and I met?

well, it was through the Internet

on twitter, actually

and I thought he was a bit of a know it all

until I met him IRL at #secrethandshake

and he was wearing a TMNT shirt and a TMNT hat

and I was all

"this guy is pretty legit"

and we've had many adventures since.

so happy un-birthday big guy

I promise that I'll throw you a party in half of The King's Head when you turn 50

even though you'll still look 12.

cold as a witches tit out there

- by admin

this has made the rounds over FB and Twitter already but whatever it's going here too, just so I can come back and remember how awesome this is use it as a model when I make it into a costume for Connect this summer.

because I live in Winterpeg and eventually it had to go from being mild and lovely to bitterly cold I decided to do what was necessary and don on my (fleece-lined! yes!) leggings and Adventure Boots to brave the cold. Why? Because fuck the cold, that's why.

anyway once my superhero outfit became known to the likes of @wilalambre he turned it into some idiot from Winnipeg posing before going to work to this MASTERPIECE:

oh yes. enjoy.

lunchtime is over but I'm having a solo evening at home because someone has a show to go do visuals at and I'm just too tired not cool enough to go to a club show this weekend.

you haven't heard the last of me.


Pat Martin dropped the f-bomb on Twitter today

- by admin

for you non-Winnipeggers Pat Martin is the New Democrat MP for Winnipeg Centre (my riding! big ups!) and has been the MP here for nearly fourteen years. lots of people don't like him because, admittedly, he's known for being a bit of a loudmouth, as was demonstrated during this exchange on Twitter just now that has a lot of people getting upset:

I'm sorry... no matter how unprofessional it may be, it's still the best response ever. I think it's great.

Now I understand that profanity is an iffy thing, even in social media, and that saying "fuck you" directly isn't the most 'professional' way to handle it, but when someone tries to go about trolling you by dragging religion into it, frankly I can totally understand why he said it. You can't feed the trolls, the best way to deal with them is to deal with them quickly and directly, which the response certainly was.

And let's be honest: despite being a loudmouth Pat Martin is undefeated in his riding since he was first voted in, so obviously people appreciate that there's someone out there with the balls to say what needs to be said, even if he may not always be diplomatic in saying it.

@shawncarthy sums it up best:

You can follow tweets from my badass MP here: @PatMartinMP


Knew it'd be a good day today

- by admin

Ty made me french toast for breakfast

finally got my G+ account (add me! Let's be G+ friends!)

@joeyheflich said this about me (what a sweetheart!):

oh, and I was notified of this awesomeness:

so obviously I had to go and see for myself:

that little red thingy near my name says "breaking", I'm a breaking trend!

Clearly it's a solid Friday.

Enjoy your weekend, my dears! xo

Know what I don't care about?

- by admin

That Winnipeg will be getting a new NHL team.

I've been bombarded with new reports, FaceBook updates and tweets from various #Winnipeg peeps about the economic benefits, the social benefits, the local pride, etc.

And you know what? I still don't give a shit.

I've been called a "bad Winnipegger" and "not a real Canadian" by some people in the Twitterverse after voicing my displeasure over having to constantly read and re-read about how zomg there's going to be a 'riot' at Portage and Main when the announcement is made. Or wait, isn't it supposed to be The Forks? Typical Winnipeg, nobody can coordinate properly (I kid).

(photo swiped from @dasme's Twitter feed)

I'm actually sitting here and listening to coworkers talk about getting "cheap season tickets at 400$ a pop", which might not seem like a lot (yes it does) but apparently you have to sign a commitment to agree to buy season tickets for three years? Is that true? Ouch!

I guess they aren't as hardcore as these peeps, though:(I'm not sure what the original source of this photo is, it's being retweeted all over the place -I got mine from @kentonlarsen)

And also, guys, we aren't "getting the Jets back". It's a totally different team -The Jets were sold to Arizona and became the Phoenix Coyotes, and the team we're apparently getting is the Atlanta Thrashers. And I don't know if I fully buy that "getting the Jets back" is acquiring another team and then switching the name back.

I think one commenter in the Winnipeg Free Press put it pretty well:

MAY 31, 2011 AT 10:05 AM
" subject to NHL board of governors' approval "
I will gladly eat some humble pie, when its approved by everyone that needs to approve it. Until then, SHUTUUPPPPPP!! YOU JET FANS ARE SOO ANNOYING!! I really hope they don't call them the jets again, give it up! at least get a new name! Do all of you who have pets, keep re naming your new dog your dead dogs name.....

Hey, they said it, not me.

But if we Winnipeggers are going to insist on keeping the same name, can we at least get a better theme song?

It's 2011, surely we can do better than that.

But hey, don't let my being a Negative Nancy rain on your parade. Just because I'm not changing my Twitter icon to a Jets logo or donning my dad's old Jets jersey and wearing it around the office with pride (he didn't have one, he's just as apathetic about this as I am -nor would I do that) doesn't mean I won't go to the occasional game and get stupid drunk and yell obscenities at the other team.

You'll just have to buy my ticket for me.

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