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you can be Coupland, I'll be Murakami: An Anniversary Post

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today is my three-year anniversary with the greatest man in the world aka tyrone.

friday he took me out for a fancy dinner. we put on our coats and bought hot chocolates and walked through the chilly night air and held hands and talked and laughed and it was good. we had red wine and foie gras and pork belly and too many mussels. we walked home. we kissed. it was perfect. I can't even tell you.

this past year has been tough. our toughest yet. I fucked up. he fucked up. we made mistakes and hurt each other and said things that we both wish we could take back. it breaks my heart to think about it. but we're still here.

we're still here.


we drove across the country. we were in a music video. we rocked the winnipeg wine festival. we camped in the mountains. we drank on the river with @rhondalmartens. we brought home a new friend. we manhandled MEME and Folk Fest a week apart. we helped make an awesome mini movie with friends. we watched all the star trek movies.

but not in that order. plus lots more.

I'm looking forward to what we get up to next year.

I love you, Tyrone. thanks for putting up with my shit for another spin around the sun.

happy anniversary.


too much happened today, and nothing really at all

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had weird dreams which isn't unusual. if I told you guys half the weird shit I dream about every night you'd think I was crazy and be jealous that you don't get to have the same nighttime adventures I do.

it's why I love naps. you always get the weirdest dreams when you sleep during the day.

whenever I'm sick like I am today I curl up in bed with my ipad and fall asleep to futurama or something like it and wake up still convinced that I'm somewhere else. except today my dreams were weird and I had to wake up before they were over and as I rolled out of bed I wasn't even sure I was awake, my head was so stuffed up.

it's one of the only good things about being sick, especially when you're sick and have to drag your sorry sick ass to class because you have to do a presentation and then this chick that you hate who constantly challenges everything everyone says feels the need to keep you up there defending your presentation for ten minutes when you just want to fall over.

I'm not saying all feminists are like this, but why is it all the ornery, nitpicky bitches in any class I've ever taken always self-identify as "feminists"?

seriously. all yr girl wanted to do was go back to my desk and keep my head down while she harassed every other presenter today about how they were wrong. then the class started talking about 'blogs as a medium' and people started talking about jenna marbles and I nearly lost it.

it was just one of those days.

the only solution was to grab a sammich and lie on the couch with The President and watch battlestar gallactica which I'm watching for the first time (shh I know) and it's so intense omg.

I was still feeling like junk later when tyrone came home and started making me soup and kat came by on a wave of rainbows and cuteness with half a homemade pumpkin pie which was perfect and delicious and so sweet and we watched joe kill it during the debate which made everything better.

now I'm on one end of the couch writing this and drinking the best coffee and tyrone is feeding me pieces of the cake that we're sharing as we watch more BSG and Ford is here purring and everything is great.

funny how a bunch of small things can make yr day go to shit

and how some other small things can make it better

it's almost the weekend and I'm excited.

we're watching Star Trek: The Journey Home

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why? because we just watched Star Trek: The Search for Spock of course and it only makes sense that we watch the follow-up film immediately because it's an even number and apparently the even-numbered Star Trek movies are the better ones in the series.

also because of this conversation:

what's weird is that despite the fact that Kirk keeps blowing shit up and killing people, they keep reprimanding him and giving him guff even though he always saves the world and sometimes more than one world. you'd think Starfleet would just know to let him do his thing by now, but no. they never learn.

what's also weird is that shatner's acting doesn't get any better with the successive movies. you'd think with all this practice he wouldn't sound so stiff and unnatural but, nope, he's still pretty rough.

I guess that doesn't matter when you kick ass though.

I used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid but was never that into it. probably because my mum watched Start Trek Voyager which from what I understand is one of the least awesome Star Treks, or so The Internet and my boyfriend at the time told me.

nevertheless I used to hang with her in the evenings as she watched it on the Space Channel, remember that? is it still on? I don't have cable, you tell me.

I don't really get people who choose to keep regular cable these days, actually. between Netflix and Hulu and downloading stuff (which I totally don't do) and streaming tv through web browsers it seems like an expensive way to kill time by flipping between channels.

maybe it means I'm getting old.

maybe I'm not cool anymore?


twentysomethings who watch old Star Trek on weeknights are totally cool.

I'm a sucker for covers

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like today we were listening to this amazing playlist on songza called space age bachelor pad and this song came on that we got up and started dancing to (yeah I know) and then I couldn't find it again

what was it? oh you know, just this cover random of a song from my fair lady by bobby darin

and damn was it a catchy cover

which led to this ridiculous 20+ min search for somewhere I could listen to it again and post here which it turns out is basically impossible. maybe it's to do with the rights on the song or something but it's nowhere to be found, and I had to buy it on itunes the old-fashioned way and have no way to share it with y'alls.

oh well, you get this wicked cake cover instead.

remember cake? how could you forget?

well I did, for a while actually and was only reminded that they existed a few years back when tyrone came over just after we'd started seeing each other. you know that phase where you make sure to gargle mouthwash and sweep yr place and make sure you didn't leave a bunch of hair in the bathroom? yeah, then.

we were having an origami date which involved sitting on the floor in my tiny living room drinking red wine on a weeknight (which I rarely do) and eating grapes and cheese and make elegant paper cranes which I was awful at and of course tyrone excelled at doing. of course.

and I don't remember why but he put on short skirt long jacket and I was blown away by the cleverness of the lyrics that honestly I'd just never really paid attention to as a stupid kid when it came out.

I think I fell in love with him a little more because he reintroduced me to cake. but don't tell him that.

afterwards he sang along to their cover of strangers in the night while we sat on the couch and it's one of my favourite songs ever and that was basically it. I was done for, totally head-over-heels.

that's all it took.


Here's what I want

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I want a soulmate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don’t already know, and make me laugh. I don’t care what you look like, just turn me on. And if you can do that, I will follow you on bloody stumps through the snow. I will nibble your mukluks with my own teeth. I will do your windows. I will care about your feelings. Just have something in there.

- Henry Rollins

It's Wednesday, I'm in love

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sitting at my desk taking a break from doing the boringest thing ever which is entering AP invoices into SAP and I can't believe I get paid what I get paid to do this. it should either be way more or way less depending on how you look at it but I'll take the money and run, thank you.

but it's lunchtime right now and I'm eating this crazy three-cheese pasta and half a porkchop stuffed with pear and goat cheese which is leftover from the weekend which leads me to the title of this post

because nobody is actually in love with wednesday, ever.

saturday Tyrone made me this crazy dinner which consisted of the stuff I just mentioned and we hung a sheet up over the flatscreen on the living room wall and hooked up the projector instead.

we put blankets on the floor and set it up all picnic-like.

I put out tons of candles all around the living room so there was sexy time mood lighting.

we picked the movie Solaris which isn't really a date-time movie but we have to be different somehow, I guess.

we ate our dinner, set up pillows and blankets on the floor and lay down together to watch the movie

and fell asleep before the movie even ended.

which some would consider to be a colossal loss, but not me.

because we still made a nice dinner together and still put a ton of effort into having a nice at-home date on a saturday night, which is more than a lot of almost-three-years-together couples do. even if they fall asleep together because omg it'd been a long week for both of us.

and now I have leftovers to make my wednesday better.



oh man am I tired

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had a bunch of running around to do after work today so I dragged Tyrone out on bikes around with me and we clocked in a mean 50km which is like like 30 miles you americans who don't know kms.

I've been biking around like a mofo all summer which is awesome because I'm getting in really good shape without having to drag my sorry ass to the actual gym to exercise which is good. problem is classes start next week which means I'm gonna have to modify my schedule to include the gym again. dang.

treadmill, I'm coming for you.

anyway now we're sitting at home and I'm listening to 90's music on internet radio and Tyrone was all

"remember in the mornings when you used to play music from the CBC? that was cute"

which is funny because I don't remember him saying anything of the sort and in fact I stopped playing the radio in the morning because he'd constantly harass me about what was on the radio and while I was eating my breakfast he'd be all

what's this crap

and while I was doing my hair he'd be all

there's crap on the radio. why are you listening to it?

and as I was going out the door he'd be all

did you turn off the radio with the crappy music

and I'd be all


though he bought new glasses that have blue-tinted lenses so that just goes to show what Tyrone knows about having good opinions about stuff.


Happy Easter weekend

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I'm ringing in my long weekend hangover free sitting nekkid in front of my imac drinking a smoothie that has kale, plain yoghurt and a bunch of fruit in it. I already went for a run and showered and gave Ford his food.

I was certainly not at the big rave that went till 6am last night, which is where Tyrone was because he VJ'd there and now is sleeping though it's nearly noon. he told me he'll be "good to go" by 2pm which means in t-minus two hours if he isn't awake I am going to start walking around the apartment again which will make the cat wake up and start meowing because nobody is sitting on the couch petting him.

I love Ford but that cat is like a little kid sometimes.

when we get up in the mornings he'll start meowing right away for his food, and then for someone to come and pet him on the couch. if it's a weekend morning when we lie around in bed and read articles on my ipad together and play Nintendo DS games he'll walk around meowing for us to come sit with him in the living room, and when he realizes we're doing stuff without him in the bedroom he'll come harass us there. it's like when I was little and the best part about weekends was waking up Mom and Dad.

except now we're Mom and Dad and it's not that much fun, really.

it's weird being up by myself for several hours on a weekend. it's a luxury I haven't been able to really enjoy since I got into a serious relationship a few years back and we did sleepovers until we moved in together.

sleepovers suck if you don't have a car.

honestly hauling all my crap (clothes, hair stuff, etc) to Tyrone's place on foot was the worst and I'm sure he felt the same way about walking over to my place even though we've never lived more than a twenty-minute walk apart. sometimes it's too hot or too cold or sometimes you're too lazy or drunk. so living together has its perks, I guess.

we have to ride our bikes somewhere later so Tyrone can cash his cheque and buy me dinner. he doesn't know this yet but because it's good friday and nothing is open and we don't really have the stuff to make anything ourselves so I'm going to suggest that we just order something in so that after going for a bike ride and spending some quality time together we can just grab a pizza and play video games all night.

which would be lame if I lived alone but is totally acceptable because we're staying in together.

I guess it really does have its perks, after all.

Tyrone made this for you guys

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yesterday was Tyrone's birthday

- by admin

but I didn't blog it out of love

because then you'd be all "how old is Tyrone, Alyson?"

and I'd have to be all

"he's older than a Conker tree

he's older than the dead sea scrolls

he's older than Rod Stewart"

when he isn't, really.

because what actually matters is that he doesn't act his age

not all the time, anyway

otherwise he wouldn't date a silly girl like me

and eat Chinese food with me on the couch watching Sherlock

after staying up all night together

and letting me kiss him at midnight and say

"happy birthday you old bastard

I love you"

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