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Boyfriend at the time and I would drive around

- by admin

from his place
to mine
to the movies
to dinner somewhere
to the park
to our minimum-wage jobs


and we'd listen to bands like this

(so emo)

not because we were unhappy

but because we weren't.

Weird listening to it now.

It feels like a lifetime ago.

Facebook in the 90's

- by admin

Nothing ever really changes.

Dave Stieb

- by admin

This morning I listened to this on the bus and started laughing to myself and I scared the Asian lady sitting next to me.

She gave me these weird looks which said

"why are you cackling on mass transit what's happening"

because she didn't realize that back in the day I dated a guy from Ontario who was really into punk rock

and he would always go on about this band

called Sewing With Nancie

that he fucking loved

and Canada is such a small place that one of the dudes from that band is now living in Winnipeg and is one of my best friends

who, over wings and too much food after Connect Festival last weekend

in this awful Chili's in Saskatchewan filled with families and cooing babies trying to have fake Mexican-themed lunches

where we said FUCK and SHIT and talked about drugs

and basically made asses out of ourselves

he talked about how people LOVED Sewing With Nancie back in the day which he thought was great because

"we had two, TWO, fucking songs about the Toronto Blue Jays!"

and I remembered my Ontario boyfriend always going on about one of them when we would drive around in his car

which is what led to me listening to Dave Stieb on the bus this morning

and freaking out that nice Asian lady

because she just didn't get how ridiculous my life is.

On this day 48 years ago The Beatles released "Help"

- by admin

Which in addition to being a great and hugely influential album holds a special place in my heart.

As a teenager I went through a really bad breakup. Saying I was a shitshow afterward is putting it lightly and I spent a lot of time sulking in my room and fighting with basically everyone.

I don't remember why my brothers were gone on one particular Saturday but my mum decided to take me out to do errands with her.

We weren't getting along at the time and I don't even remember where we went -maybe we just went for a drive, I don't know- but that drive is one of the few times I actually remember getting along with her during that period of my life.

We came home and my dad and I hung out in the basement and we listened to "Help!" on vinyl and had a really big heart-to-heart about my feels.

I wasn't really into opening up and talking about how I felt, but sitting there having a hot chocolate and a rye n coke (my dad is cool) and listening to The Beatles helped me open up and start to deal with shit.

That night was the first night in a long time where I felt like I had the capacity to be happy and listening to that album is a huge, important part of that memory. That album means a lot to me.

It still does.

HBD "Help!"


- by admin


You know what, I'm just going to put this out there

- by admin

I don't fucking get Yoko Ono.

Dating was the worst

- by admin

Before getting "into a relationship" Tyrone I was single for a few years while I figured my shit out
(still working on that)
and even though I didn't really want to start going on dates with anyone I figured I should probably go on a few to keep myself 'in the game' and not be the weird spinster friend who hates on happy couples because they're so lonely, waah.

Not me!

Sometimes they worked out for a little while and cute boys would play Monkey Island and drink beers with me or we'd watch Brazil on laserdisc and listen to vinyl.

But not usually.

After talking to my lady-friends I've confirmed that dates usually go like this:

Pretending to like someone and playing nice over dinner or in a dark theatre or mini golf and the whole time thinking


to nobody except yourself which is stupid because you got yourself into this situation, dummy.

You should have just said 'no thank you' to start but instead you said yes because you're lonely or desperate or maybe both
(likely both)
and dating some idiot is better than being single, right?
(it isn't)
Which inevitably leads to that awkward situation a few dates/weeks in where you wake up and realize
you're a douchecanoe and I don't want your penis near me anymore
at which time you stop texting back and suddenly get "really busy" instead of being up-front like an adult.

(There's also that one time I slammed a guy's car door in his face and ran into my house away from him, but that's another story)

Up until now I'd always assumed that this female tactic was just called "being a bitch" or "wussing out" but today I learned a much more appropriate title:

"The Fadeaway"


This band isn't even very good

- by admin

but this song has been stuck in my head all day

which is weird because I haven't listened to it in years.

And it's not that I'm feeling sad

or down

or even particularly bad

like I did yesterday.

In fact today I feel great.

Sometimes though

when I'm really happy

I get this song stuck in my head.

Which is weird I know.

But I didn't say this post was going to make sense.

I dreamt about you nearly every night this week

- by admin

New Arctic Monkeys.

Happy Wednesday to all.

Hip Hop Sunday #74 Kanye West - New Slaves

- by admin

Posted mostly because the presentation in this vid is pretty cool

and I really like the dude on the back right who is SUPER into it.

In all honesty I actually really like Yeezus

which surprised me for some reason

which is dumb because I have (and like) all of his other albums

so I should have known better.

Either way I like it a lot

especially the track Black Skinhead

which uses a beat sampled from Gary Glitter's Rock n Roll Part 2

which is also used in another track that I really like:

(Happy Hip Hop Sunday, dears!)

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