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procrastinating saturday group skate-date post

- by admin

because remembering the weekend is to much more fun than another hour of transcribing interviews.

student probz.

someone is probably losing their job right now

- by admin

no, not me.

the person who is in charge of the burger king twitter account, which has been hacked for over an hour now.

generally I don't point fingers and say "this is how you do something" but if yr job is to manage a social media account, you shouldn't be taking time off.

the internet never sleeps and even though you have to, maybe checking the account yr being paid (probably a lot of money) to manage is a good idea.

even (especially!) on holidays.

in fact, anyone paying a shred of attention to the internet right now would know it's happening.

like yours truly, for example.

bk, gimme a call.

[UPDATE: okay, the account has been suspended. I guess the entire internet was enough to alert them to the problem]


Hip Hop Sunday # 63 Deltron 3030 - Things You Can Do

- by admin

yesterday was half pints, skating and m├ęstival (f├ęstival)

(photos and possible gifs to come)

today is hang and play video games in pyjamas

(resting my poor legs)

hope you're enjoying the long weekend

on this laid back hip hop sunday.



it's the long weekend so you know what that means

- by admin

ooooooooh yes it is!

a special valentine's day message

- by admin

from eva braun.

because you don't give a damn what I'm doing on valentine's day.

(which is
writing a midterm
hitting the gym
going for a fancy dinner
and other couple-type stuff)

happy v-day, ya hosers!

in case you were wondering, I actually voted for this guy

- by admin

and it was a vote well spent.

dear vine multimedia

- by admin

this is hard for me to write.

it's hard because it's virtually impossible to explain why you like or admire something or someone in a blog without sounding like you're kissing their ass. and I don't wanna kiss yr ass.

I want to work for you.

I've spent a few scrapped blog posts figuring about how I was going to write about what I like about you in a way that my audience will still like to read. because this post, while directed at you, is still public. it's on my blog. my audience will read it.

that's a big deal to me. I don't blog about just anyone.

but then I realized that's why I would be a good fit for vine: because while I'm willing to work hard and dedicate myself to what I want, I'm not going to sell out or tell people (even you) what you want to hear if it isn't true. that's just not how I roll.

so here's what I think, vine. about you & me, and how I can help you shine.

you guys seem down to earth and confident in what you do. it's obvious after a quick look around your site. I imagine it's similar to how a discussion with one of your employees would be: chilled-out, unpretentious, and smart. nobody who had reservations about their quality of their work or of their ability to deliver would say 'don't be a jackass' to potential clients.

mostly though, I like that you're out do to good. and not in the google 'don't be evil' creepy way, but genuinely be good in so far as you're trying to give back to your community and the world at large. the concept of a social business is fascinating and forward-thinking. I like that. I want to be a part of it.

(let me take over your twitter feed. I'll make it one of the coolest in winnipeg. promise.)

you already know who I am. you're on my blog. you've probably checked out my twitter feed. you know I manage the social media for the manitoba electronic music exhibition and I'm good at using the Internet to suit my needs. I know how to find & share information. I'm a damn good writer. I'm creative and outgoing and full of baklava (pictured). I can bring the skills I've learned both through hard work and study and apply it to suit the needs of vine clients.

some of my twitter followers have nicknamed me the 'queen of the Internet'.

I want the opportunity to show you why.


your blog sucks

- by admin

buddy told me the other day over coffee.

you don't write about 'the issues' he said

you don't elaborate on yr political opinions

you don't slam anyone or call people out

you don't badmouth bitches and start blog wars

you don't spill yr guts when you and tyrone have a fight

you don't go on about how you love him to the moon & back

you don't talk about yr mom, yr work, or yr sex life.

your blog sucks.

and I looked at him and said

yeah maybe that's true

but you still read it every day.

had an interesting conversation

- by admin

while fixing the printer today.

part of my job is performing some basic IT services even though I'm not terribly good at it. I mean yes I can do entry-level, first year of college type maintenance but anything that requires more than the knowledge I acquired while constantly de-virusing my parents computer I make my boss call a technician whose job it actually is to do that sort of stuff.

anyway today apparently there was a problem with the printer. except there wasn't.

but that's not the point in this story.

the point is the person trying to do the printing, I think, is a bit on the crazy side. I've come to this conclusion because she had me check and double-check the stuff she was printing and it was these letters to someone at the CBC about how the Commies are coming into her house at night and stealing her thoughts. her ideas.

she said that they were coming in and putting straws to her ears and sucking them out and she knew because she could hear them talking in her dreams. their voices were magnified into the straw and into her ear, she said.

I didn't ask any questions. just handed her the letters and went back to my regular job. I was actually kinda convincing myself that maybe she was writing some sort of fiction novel, or something like that. it was just so weird.

except just now she came down and wanted to use the photocopier and took out a book with the word 'TRANSFORMATION' on the cover and started making photocopies of the front and back cover. like, six or seven copies each.

since non-office personnel have to pay for photocopies 'round here I casually asked her what she was photocopying and she looked at me over her shoulder and said

I need to mail these to some people

in a voice that I swear would give alfred hitchcock goosebumps.

I think I was wrong about the fiction book-writing. I think she thinks it's for real.

I wonder what that book is about. and who is she sending all those copies to?

and, mostly, I'm kinda sad. because her made-up life is probably way more interesting than mine.

Adam and Dog

- by admin

traditional animation will always be the best

more pls.

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