March 2013

turns out drawing "bookends" is harder than you'd think

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especially with a tummy full of crazy good food n turkey n drinks

I know easter is a time for family but we decided to share it with the family we get to pick

namely, some of the finest individuals you could ever hope to make mildly offensively-titled alcoholic beverages and play mildly offensive games with.

also we played pictionary which I am not good at when drunk or at all.

it was also #cenquistday which if you're unfamiliar is a day that is dedicated to our favourite
ninja turtle loving
hat wearing
#crecomm studying
craft beer drinking
friend from the Internet

it was also the day we went out and bought a car.

wtf did YOU do?

Hip Hop Sunday #67 Cypress Hill - Spark Another Owl

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it's easter so everything is closed
most of us are hungover
and in meat comas from the night before
(including yr girl)

totally worth it.

enjoy your hip hop sunday.

wrote this at the bus stop

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Attractive Asian Man

black jacket
black pants
sharp brown boots
smiling to yourself
what's so funny?
tell me.
I like your moustache.
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sitting in public spaces: a checklist

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- don't sit right next to/acros from someone when there are other open seats/tables
- if the above isn't possible, don't eat right next to/across from a stranger
- don't talk on yr phone
- don't pick yr nose
- don't hum
- don't wear so much cologne that I can smell you 10+ feet away
- don't stare at other people
- keep music volume at a reasonable level (also: avril lavigne? really?)
- don't look at other people's computer/phone screens
(you're not as subtle as you think you are)

this checklist has been brought to you everyone in the library today.


adam's apples

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is this weird Danish black comedy that we watched saturday after a friday night of bowling and beers and a random trip to to shawarma time for breakfast/lunch (brunch?) for food before heading home.

it stars Ulrich Thomsen who is one of my favourite actors and a big deal in Denmark from what I understand. he's in other Danish movies such as Fear Me Not as well as In A Better World, both of which are super creepy kinda disturbing flicks that I liked a lot. watch 'em if you have time.

anyway this movie was pretty different from the two I just mentioned in that, as I said, it's a black comedy.

it also has Mads Mikkelsen who you'll probably recognize as having played Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. except in this movie he plays a weird priest who wears shorts and sandals (birkenstocks?) and has knobbly knees and is thinner than I remember him in james bond.

the movie is about a neo-nazi who goes to live at a church as part of his community service and meets the weird priest and two other dudes living at the church: an Arab who holds up gas stations and an obese, alcoholic, kleptomaniac rapist which is just about as weird and hilarious and crazy as it seems.

the weirdest and also saddest part is that the priest himself is pretty messed up in the head and sort of blindly lives his life in this dream world where nothing is ever wrong, so he makes excuses for all the bad things people do and sort of exists in this other world, almost.

he tells Adam the neo-nazi that before he can go he must set a goal for himself and complete it.

so the neo nazi's goal is to bake a pie with the apples from the apple tree growing near the church. which of course doesn't go so well.

what makes it good is it has all these strange jokes and nuances that you don't get in western films. I don't know how to explain it, but it's funny and good and sad in a different way that an American or even a Canadian movie would be. if you watch a lot of foreign films you know what I mean.

sometimes you need to watch a kinda-sad movie to feel good and this is one of those. I won't ruin the ending for you (it's good) but I'll say that I wasn't ever actually sure how it was going to end until it did, and then the ending that it had seemed the most obvious all along.

it was good like that.

Hip Hop Sunday # 66 - Hustleblood - Hustleblood (Abstract Artform x Blac

- by admin

back in 2012 Tyrone and I went out for drinks with @cenquist and wound up being introduced to @abstractartform

one of the sweetest, coolest, most unique people I've had the pleasure of hanging out with

plus he's talented as shit.

he tweeted the link to this vid to a few of us earlier this week

and the track made my day.

hope it makes yours.

enjoy your hiphop sunday. xox


the story of your red right ankle

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is a line of a song by the decemberists that I like a lot, even though it makes me sad.

the first time I heard the decemberists was when I was living in hamilton and I had no idea who I was.

which sounds silly but it's true. I didn't know then and I knew it but I wasn't ready to admit it.

such is life, and youth.

it was the day after my birthday and it was cold and grey and shitty outside

I was waiting for my boyfriend who I was living in hamilton with and

I think

didn't really know who he was, either.

how could we, after all.

he had gone to a restaurant attached to a mall to go get his sweater which he had left there the night before

when we had gone out for dinner and drinks with friends for my birthday.

I don't remember what I ate but I know it was mediocre

it was one of those types of restaurants. not a montana's or a moxie's or an earl's.

but one of those places that feigns being a decent restaurant but isn't. the same kind.

I did shots of sambuca which were awful and I hate cinnamon but I hated my life more

at least, I realize in retrospect

and ate my mediocre dinner and smiled and was uncomfortably aware of the hole in my heart

I was trying to fill with booze and shitty food

and missed my home, even though I'd spent years trying to leave.

so the next day after my boyfriend forgot his sweater in the restaurant

when I found myself sitting alone in his car

hungover and miserable

listening to the radio do one of those countdown shows when red right ankle came on

I cried in hamilton

not for the first time.

today is gary oldman's birthday

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what's embarrassing is that up until a few years ago I never actually knew who gary oldman wasgaryoldman111203_560b

I knew he was in a lot of movies that I liked

and he played a lot of the best characters

but if you asked me to point to a dude on a page in a magazine and say

'look that's gary oldman'

I wouldn't be able to.

which in hindsight is a testament to his versatile face and also acting.

and since I haven't really written anything on this here old blog for a while

let me tell you about my first real encounter with gary oldman in a movie.

so when I was a younger I dated this guy who was a huge film buff. massive.

as in, had a huge dvd collection for no reason other than he liked to have every movie he liked in this massive perfectly alphabetized library in his living room

buddy wouldn't have money to pay his own way to see a movie on a friday night but could afford to blow all his cash on dvds

(kinda sour grapes there still, I guess)

anyway one day we were hanging out at his place (remember, no money to go out) and eating pizza and basically just vegging out and I said

"you know I'm not really sure what gary oldman looks like"

which apparently was sacrilege because everyone needs to fully grasp and worship gary oldman

(now as an adult I understand why, but I digress)

so we started watching the fifth element because it's an amazing movie and also gary oldman is in it

and even though I knew who he played in the movie it was bf's favourite so it was the one we watched.

(disclaimer: I've seen the fifth element a million times. I love it, but I've seen it a lot)

so since I've seen it a lot and he had seen it a lot we started making out

because that's what happens when a boy and a girl watch movies alone together someplace

(and sometimes other stuff but that's not in this story as you will find out)

so we're making out and I'm having a good time because I like this guy and he's a phenomenal kisser and suddenly he grabs my head and whips it around and goes

"look there's gary oldman's character!"

which, while true, hurt the shit out of my neck and completely ruined the mood

which wouldn't even have been so bad if he hadn't basically ignored me

and spent the next few minutes talking about the scene in detail

while I sat there making a grumpycat face on the couch

luckily I've moved up in the world since then

and am now dating a guy who loves me more than gary oldman (I hope)

we just won't be watching the fifth element together anytime soon.


had a dream about mcdonalds last night

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way back when I was a tween I used to work at a mcdix in this underground walkway downtown called winnipeg square and I haven't thought about that job in ages

so it was extra-weird to dream about mcchickens and chocolate milk and mini fridges under the counter

for the first time in close to a decade.

people I knew kept showing up and asking

alyson wtf are you working at mcdix for

and I had no idea.

I was too busy stressing that the mcmuffins were burnt and the grease in the fryer hadn't been changed

and I hadn't gotten my lunch break yet and it was almost time for the dinnertime rush

which was especially weird because I only worked till 4pm

so I had already made like a tree and gtfo'd before that ish started.

though one thing I did like working there was the zen state you got into

when everything was past-paced and crazy and it felt like if you slowed down you would lose yr head

kinda like how things are right now.

good but cray.

suddenly my dream makes sense.

the latest man in my life

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is younger than me. he's only three months old.

we haven't been together very long. only a month and half since he came into my life.

he shows affection is ways I'm not used to.

he climbs on me and sucks on my hair and kneads my neck.

when I sit on the couch and type on the laptop (like I'm doing now)541462_10152632498670323_77071178_n

he climbs up my chest and hangs over my shoulder

giving me a huge furry hug.

he likes everyone and everyone likes him

just like one of the other important men that I live with

(no, not Ford, silly. Tyrone!)

I'm lucky to have all of them.

they all make me happy all of the time.

but this little sweetheart holds a special place in my heart

even if he does break into my purse and carry tampons around the apartment in his mouth.

you've gotta take the good with the bad, right?

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